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Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • the cafe block

    rebook your adventure every 4 weeks. cancel at any time.
    • basically month to month, plan for your seasonal vacations
    • set the tone of your 4 weeks, persuing your project goals
    • refresh & hone your existing skills, explore new ones!
    • remember we're also here to have fun! always ask questions
  • pic-a-1 block

    choose as a single class, to fit a timeframe you want
    • this price plan allows you to buy each class in the
    • succession you prefer. plan around events & vacations
    • great way to check out a class as a fit for you & if you'd
    • like to continue your journey? the other plans offer savings
  • pic-a-2 block

    pay in 2 week block increments, until canceled
    • work around other plans in life
    • such as vacations, or seasonal jobs, like working on a
    • salmon boat in Alaska!
    • if you are an "even" numbers person, this plan's for you!
    • but note, the cafe block's a better deal at 4 weeks
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