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Clyde San Juan of CrookedTrailsCafe
Author Illustrator  Art Instructor  Creativity Encourager  Home Cook Explorer
"I am pleased  to announce that 
  my Children's Book, I Spy a Tiger 
  is now roaring in your jungle!"
Nurture a childhood animal friend’s
in your little one’s heart! In vibrant
color and easy rhyme,
I Spy a Tiger sends
out an unforgettable band of funny animals
to enliven your reading time with laughter
and close, interactive learning.
Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 9.36.11 AM.png
theGangClip 7.12.20.png
to your path of 

your opportunity to experience the joy
of learning beginning painting classes! 

create your own body of artwork and share your inspirations to the world! in the safety of your home learn the basics of watercolor and/or acrylic painting. choose from single, block or ongoing online classes that will expand your creativity beyond your dreams; to even breaking you out of the doldrums of any pandemic.
don't sit idle, drowning in your binge watching, the
"new norm" digging a rut into your soul. 

> check out the videos below ~ begin your journey!

book your cafe zoom virtual classes to unleash
the aspiring artist within. go to

at the cafe, the fare is eclectic, evolving, open
for discussion, whether be it on meandering trails, 
nestled in the art studio, and not to forget, pleasantly distracted to puttering around in the kitchen ~ 
one's got to eat, right? 
here's a spot, a respite, a
hole-in-the-wall where we can peruse the menu
for the surprises within. Enjoy the views, healthy
tips, tastes and the journeys.

"National Taco Day?" 
seems there’s a new National Day
that is loaded daily, online. Sundays, every October 4th is National Taco Day.
All Day. i
’m game. what better reason
to mount a taco crawl across Orange County to some of my favorite spots, ordering with strategic savor, the specialties that each one offers!

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